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What’s the best place to live? Part 2: Who to look out for

A few months ago, I was invited to a function hosted by one of the leading architects in the region, to share the latest in residential architecture.

It was an incredible honour, to see a new wave of Australian architecture coming to the country and to meet some of the world’s best architects.

I had a few questions about where I was going to live.

I was in the middle of a busy city, with many places I had to choose between.

And I was concerned about how much time I would have to invest in getting there.

But then the answer came to me: I needed to find a place.

As a resident of Melbourne’s outer suburbs, I had lived in different places in Melbourne’s history, but I was no longer living in Melbourne.

In 2015, I moved to Canberra, and now, more than ever, I wanted to explore the world.

I had spent more than 30 years in Canberra, but my desire to visit other places has never wavered.

In 2016, I left Canberra for Sydney.

I have now travelled across Australia to see the Australian capital and its beautiful landscape.

But as much as I love the city, I also feel that my time here has been cut short.

My first step was to find the perfect place.

The first place I searched was a house that I’d bought for just under $500,000 a few years earlier.

It was a very beautiful house.

But it didn’t fit the mould of a typical Melbourne house.

I knew I wanted a house with an Australian style.

I needed a large backyard, lots of views, and a large swimming pool.

It needed to be well designed and beautiful.

It took me a while to find exactly what I wanted.

There were some lovely houses that looked promising, but they weren’t built in the style that I wanted or needed.

I started to feel frustrated.

Then I came across a house called ‘The Lighthouse’.

This was a property in a remote area of the Northern Territory called Arnhem Land.

It’s a remote, mountainous area with a number of small towns, and there’s no sign of any construction.

I’d never heard of this property.

Then, one day, a man from the local newspaper contacted me, saying that a builder had done a project that I could use to find what I needed.

This was a chance to go and see the ‘Lighthouse’ and have a peek inside its building.

It wasn’t exactly what was advertised.

A couple of months later, I received an email from a builder, and after some searching, I found the property.

I immediately knew it was a good deal.

It looked great.

It had a big yard and pool.

I liked the big backyard.

I also liked the swimming pool and the fact that there was a large patio area.

The house was in good condition, and was well-maintained.

I even saw the builder’s drawings.

I spent a couple of weeks in the backyard with the builder.

I didn’t see anything wrong.

But the second I walked out of the house, the backyard became a little damp.

The house looked like it was being renovated.

So, I decided to do a bit of digging.

I called the property to see if it had been renovated.

They said it had.

But, they were just doing minor renovations, which made me realise that the house was probably not the ideal place to renovate.

So I called a contractor.

He told me that the building had been sold and was no more.

I then emailed the builder to ask him if I could go and visit.

He didn’t respond.

So I emailed again and again, and again he didn’t reply.

I rang again and rang again, until I found a contractor who could get me in touch with the man who’d sold the house.

He agreed to go in and visit and told me the house wasn’t the perfect house for me.

So we went and I was impressed by the work that he’d done.

It looked like a typical house that had been used for a lot of years, and the kitchen was very tidy.

It also had a large pool and a small backyard.

It had been a long time since I’d visited the house and it looked like the building would be in great shape.

But the builder, who’d lived in Arnhem land for years, had sold the property a few months before, and I’d been told that the current owners were going to tear it down to make way for a new development.

It wasn’t until a few days before I was due to visit that I found out the new owners were planning to tear down the house in order to make room for a supermarket.

The plan was for a parking lot to fill the site.

It would have been a great shopping centre for a town like Arnhem.

So it was pretty sad to hear the news, but there was one little problem.

It didn’t have a driveway.

The owner of the property