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4-year-old has just been told she can’t sue Google for $1.9 billion

FourFourFourTwo – Two-year old Ella Wilson is learning to navigate the world by using Google’s cloud computing platform, but she’s worried about her $1 billion lawsuit against the internet giant for failing to properly protect her personal data. 

She’s suing the company for breach of contract, negligence and false advertising.

The two-year law student is suing Google on the grounds that it failed to properly implement its security policies and failed to adequately protect her privacy in the cloud.

 The lawsuit was filed in US District Court in San Francisco, California.

Ella Wilson says she is concerned about her privacy when using the cloud, because of the potential for her personal information to be compromised, and she’s trying to find out what can be done to protect her information from being exposed.

“It’s really concerning because my data is going to be exposed, it’s going to end up on websites, it is going have to be on the internet, it will end up in the world,” she said.

“What are we going to do about that?

I don’t know.

I’m trying to get a handle on it.”

Ella says she used the Google cloud to search for books, but was frustrated when she found a Google search result that said it would take up to a month to load and load.

She thought it was going to take hours.

The search results were in the form of a Google Analytics widget that was supposed to tell her when she was searching for something.

After Ella tried to access that widget, the search result showed a message telling her it would load and wait.

Ella said the search results showed she was looking for something, but didn’t give her any information about what that something was.

Then the search was done.

She called Google, but the company did not respond.

That’s when Ella called a friend, who then called the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which works with local law enforcement to help locate and recover children.

Within hours, Ella had been contacted by the National Missing Children’s Network (NMEN) with the case number 946-22-9000.

The complaint says the NCMEN informed Ella that the search could take up up to 30 minutes.

So Ella went to Google and asked if she could see the search log. 

Ella’s friend and lawyer, Matthew O’Malley, said the logs showed that the Google search took about two hours to load.

“When I was looking at the logs, I could see that the searches were taking up to 10 minutes, so I could understand why people might not want to see the logs,” he said.

I could see from the logs that there was a delay of up to two hours,” said O’Mahony.

O’Malley said the Google logs show the searches took an average of 10 minutes and 45 seconds. “

The response from NMEN was very much like, ‘Oh, well, we’re not going to comment on the case,’ ” O’Melonsaid.

O’Malley said the Google logs show the searches took an average of 10 minutes and 45 seconds.

It’s not clear what the actual length of time the search took, but Ella told NMEN she was concerned about how long it would be.

We’re not sure what that means,” O’Mannonsaid, the legal director for the National Centre for Missing & Exploitable Children, told FourFourSecond.

NHLEN has a history of handling privacy and data breaches involving the Google Cloud.

In 2015, it had to pay a $10 million fine for its failure to properly secure the personal information of more than 12 million users.

Since then, the organization has also been criticized for the way it handled an alleged data breach involving more than 4 million users last year, in which its systems were breached by an attacker who accessed users’ social security numbers.

Its policy is that it does not disclose the identities of users whose information was accessed by the attacker.


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