New NYC Architecture Firm Dries to Build New Homes For Students

Sep 6, 2021 Competition

Design firm Dries Nouvelle (ND) is seeking new residents in New York City to assist in its new Modern Architecture Homes program.

The firm will provide affordable housing for the students, whose homes will be designed to be both contemporary and timeless.

ND has received $20 million in grant money and is currently building one of the largest modern architectural homes in New Yorks history.

ND is also building an array of homes, from affordable apartments to luxury townhomes, for students, who have been enrolled in the program for three years.

The program will be open to all students who are under 25 and have a valid student ID.

Students can apply for their own rental property or rent a space in ND’s apartment complex.

The apartments will be located in Newburgh, Brooklyn, and will feature amenities such as rooftop pools, a fitness center, an open-plan kitchen, and an outdoor deck.

The company is also planning to build a number of new homes for students on the outskirts of the city.

ND’s students will be able to live in the apartments as well as on campus.

The student housing will be affordable, but ND says they’re also working to make the rental experience more affordable.

ND plans to rent out the apartments and the space for between $1,500 and $1-2,000 a month depending on how many students live there.

The students will also be able access ND’s mobile app, which will allow them to schedule meetings and access the facilities.

ND recently launched a new mobile application for students that allows them to stay in touch with their classmates via the app and receive updates about the building process.

ND will also build a suite of apartments for students who do not have a room in their dorms, ND says.

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