How to build a Lego house

Jul 29, 2021 Skyscrapers

Architecture Sets: Home Architecture, Lego Architecture Sets, Lego Architecture Sets 1, Lego Lego Architecture Set 2, Lego Brickset, Lego, Lego Home Architecture Set, Lego bricks source New Zealand Herald article The New Zealand Government has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help fund construction of a new Lego model home, and has so far raised more than $20,000.

“Our Government is committed to investing in a sustainable future and a more resilient Kiwi future,” Minister for Environment and Heritage Rob Stokes said in a statement.

The Ministry for Planning and Infrastructure has also said it would use the money to support the construction of up to 20 new homes in Auckland.

The campaign will see builders create up to 30 Lego models of houses, using materials including prefabricated plywood, concrete, brick, fibreboard and other components.

It aims to get the model home to market in 2018.

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